Finding Foundation: Week Two

“Last year I got a text from my girlfriend about a His & Hers book set that she thought would transform our lives. Find Your Calling, Discovering What You’re Meant To Do:  A 21 Day Guide For Him/Her by Dale & Veronica Partridge. After checking out the authors and their social media I was on board. They felt genuine, and I owed it to Madison to be the best version of myself.  I ended up surprising her on our anniversary by buying a copy for each of us. 

This year I finally sat down and dedicated October to working through Dale’s book and I am so grateful that I did, as this 21 day deep dive put me on the path to discovering where I called to serve in my life.  If you are experiencing a disconnect between who you are and who you feel called to be, this book is for you. The moments of clarity I experienced were enough to make me want to share my journey with you. So over the next three weeks I’ll be posting blogs in the nature of journal-like entries that provide insight into the book and what you can expect.”

Day 8: Calling Is Never For You

Intent is important. Sometimes we pursue our passion because of what we think it will bring to our lives instead of considering what it could do for the lives of others. No matter how menial we believe our jobs, the work we do will always effect someone. For that reason it would make sense that our calling will not serve us alone. Calling lies at the crossroads of our own happiness and the needs of others.

Today I needed to dig deep and ask myself a few questions. Has my work effected others, if so, how? Do any of my passions offer any benefits to other? Does any one of those passions stand out as offering the greatest benefit?  

Day 9: Calling Is Close To Home

My calling is connected to my talents and gifts. What about me is undeniable? What do I excel in? In what areas am I more skilled in than almost anyone I know? I needed to spend time exploring those questions to get a better grasp on where I stood in my journey. Upon figuring out what talents and gifts I possess I must figure out how these skills might reveal to me what I am meant to do. 

Dale describes talents as “skills that you inherit”. They are natural abilities that we are predisposed to. Gifts are described as “skills that you acquire”. If you are of faith, they are believed divinely. Otherwise gifts are more commonly a result of the environments we are exposed to. While gifts and talents are deeply connected, knowing how they differ is important for determining what skills I possess and which camp they belong to.

Day 10: Remember Who You Are

This chapter really resonates with me. It’s about remembering who you are. There are going to be a lot of outside influences that will define you for better or worse, and it starts from the moment you are born. Your parents, your teachers, your friends, and even people you don’t know will try to mold you into the person that they want you to be. They will shape your beliefs. They will tell you what you can’t do, what isn’t meant for you, and what is.

Your responsibility is to yourself. I need to remember who I was before the opinions of others led me astray. I must discern the difference between what is smart and what is right, hold on to what is right, and continue pursuing my calling.

Day 11: Asking The Right Questions

Growing up I always took issue with the questions my teachers and advisers would ask about my future. They were very cliche, lacked any real depth, required a suspension of disbelief, and served no real value to my life. While the people in my life meant well, they were just asking the wrong questions. To get closer to discovering my calling I have to ask myself questions that are drawn from my truth.  “What would you do if money wasn’t an object?” Money is  an object; I must instead ask myself what calling allows me to both provide a stable living situation and be a propellant force when it came to my passions? I must ask myself if I am at a place where my calling will allow me to make sacrifices and it so what sacrifices would I be willing to make to pursue that calling.

Asking the right questions calls back to remembering who I am. If I plan to figure out my calling I must shed any misconceptions and assumptions that have been projected onto me.

Day 12: The Over-Saturated Calling

Dale discusses “the over-saturated calling” and three internal obstacles that will get in my way If we let them. They are fear, shame, and worry. These feelings can be naturally occurring in everyday life but are apparent even more so when discovering your calling. A lot of it has to do with the fact that sometimes are calling might be a shared one. When he decided to write books he struggled with feelings of inadequacy because his call to move people with his words wasn’t just HIS calling.

There were plenty of others who shared his passion and he wondered how, and even if, he could stand out in a market of literally thousands of other people.  To combat any feelings that could cause pause in the pursuit of my passions I must remember 3 things.

1. Fear of failure is often more crippling than actual failure. It is better to have failed and learned from that failure than to experience the regret of never pursuing my passion.
2. Indecision is the worst decision. Worry breeds more worry. I must learn that making the wrong choice is better than making no choice.
3. I am worthy. I must let go of any shame that I am holding onto, get out of my own way, and remember that If I work for something there is no problem with claiming it as my own.

Day 13: Don’t Run So Fast You Leave Yourself Behind

Finding and living out my calling will not happen overnight. Success isn’t quick. If it was I wouldn’t be reading a 21 day guide that only HELPS me DISCOVER that calling. If it was this book wouldn’t be cheap and Dale wouldn’t have had to write more than one book on the topic. Patience is key because nothing has ever revealed itself immediately. Today I am focusing on not getting in my own way and realizing that my life and success are on a timetable all their own own.

I am to remember that the journey to find my calling is often times just as important as the discovery of my calling. It will provide skills and insight that are invaluable to my life. It is a lesson in discipline. If I can not take the time to discover my calling and find the way it serves others best, how can I expect to make any long-lasting change in my life or the lives of others.

Day 14: Misery Loves Company

Today is a callback to discerning the difference between smart and right thinking. The best decision I could ever make is not letting anyone tell what what I am supposed to do, because a lot of people will tell me to make the smart choice. That can be dangerous because a lot of people whether they intend to our not, will make decisions for you based in their own insecurities. Some advice will be well meaning and some will be malicious, but at the end of the day you are one of the only people that knows your heart.

For me, this wasn’t a call to abandon the opinions or thoughts of everyone else in the pursuit of my calling. It was about making sure that I have the right people in my life. My calling is not just for me, but it does come from my heart and my heart alone. I must be responsible when listening to others, discerning their intent, and filtering everything through the lens of my own truth.

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